Low Stress Handling® Certified Veterinary Practice

Low Stress Handling® Certified Veterinary Practice

GAHC is proud to be a Low Stress Handling® Certified Veterinary Practice. This means that we will immediately assess body language, approach and interact in a safe, non-threatening manner, handle and provide nursing care to your pet in the most efficient, gentle way without causing extreme fear, anxiety, or stress. We use pheromones, treats, Thundershirts, and ThunderCaps as indicated. We will address pain and discomfort and as well as behavioral and mental health. We understand the physiological effects that fear, anxiety, and stress have on the entire body and strive to prevent unnecessary fear. We can coach you to help your pet be less stressed with tips and techniques to start before the vet appointment, during, and after.

When it comes to stressful procedures such as nail trims we will not, “just get it done.” In other words, we are not the veterinary practice that will wrestle your pet to the ground, lay on him and trim his nails while urine and feces are flying and your pet is struggling and crying out in fear. We just won’t do it. This practice is harmful to your pets, harmful to us and detrimental to the human-animal bond that we work so hard to promote and foster. This behavior is damaging to your relationship with your pet, as it creates distrust. Who else does your pet look to for guidance more than you, their owner? No one else has that special bond and we are not going to damage that. For more information on Low Stress Handling® and our clinic certification go to https://lowstresshandling.com/

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