Pets and allergies can be extremely challenging. There is no cure, only management and control. Some pets only have seasonal allergies, some have signs of allergic discomfort all year long. Typically, allergies are environmentally based and not related to diet. Sometimes fleas can trigger an allergic reaction.

Signs of allergies in pets may include licking, chewing, gnawing, biting, scratching, rolling, rubbing, scooting, hair loss, ear infections, head shaking, changes in skin color, texture, sores, bumps, crusts, and odor. Some pets may experience digestive upset. Pets may be unable to rest due to extreme allergic discomfort. They may become aggressive or grumpy, and can even develop severe infections as a result of allergies.

Allergies can be controlled. Options for allergy control include bathing, skin conditioning sprays, immunotherapy, monthly flea and tick prevention, allergen avoidance, dietary changes, and daily to weekly medications. Since there is no cure for allergies, a key component to allergy control is consistency and early intervention.

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