Fecal Exams

Fecal Exams

At GAHC, we recommend at least annual fecal exams for all of our patients. A fecal exam looks for intestinal parasites, some of which are transmissible to people. By decreasing the occurrence of worms in our pets, we reduce the risk of parasitism in ourselves and our children. According to the Centers for Disease Control, CDC, more than 16 million people around the world are infected with intestinal parasites that can cause blindness, seizures, infertility, heart disease, organ and tissue damage and even death. The United States is not immune. Intestinal parasites affecting people in the U.S. are more common than realized partly due to a lack of physician parasite knowledge, diagnostics, and appropriate intervention.

Consider this: on average, at least 14% of people in the U.S. have been exposed to Toxocara or roundworms. Of these, approximately 70 people each year suffer from blindness as a result of Toxocara infection, most are children. Toxocara is the most common roundworm found in puppies and kittens and we commonly find it in adult dogs as well. Hookworms are on the rise in the U.S. too.

For more statistics and information on parasites in people in the U.S., please see www.cdc.gov.

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