Microchipping your pet is a permanent identification that cannot become lost like a collar or tag. A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades. The chip contains a unique number that is traceable to you, the owner, so your pet can be returned home in the event that he/she becomes lost or even stolen. Here at GAHC, when a new or found pet comes in, it is scanned for a microchip. We are equipped with a universal scanner that will scan any chip from any manufacturer.

Pets that are lost may also find themselves at a shelter where they would be scanned as well. If your pet is already microchipped, please make sure the contact information is up-to-date. Additionally, as pets age, they can become forgetful or even confused and wander away from home. With that, we recommend pets of any age be microchipped. Microchips are not GPS or even tracked by radio frequencies. GPS collars are available. For more info on microchipping your pet, call us or go to http://www.akcreunite.org/. Information on GPS collars may be found at https://www.akc.org/products-services/link-akc-smart-collar/.

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