Body Language of Dogs

Body Language of Dogs

Body language is how our pets talk to us. They tell us a lot about how they are feeling, when they are scared, painful, worried, hungry, attentive, excited, or just want to take a peaceful nap. They tell us with their eyes, mouth, tongue, lips, brows, ears, body, feet, legs, and tail.

It is important to be able to understand the language your pets are speaking through body language. Distinguishing between a dog that wants to be petted and one that does not can prevent unwanted bite injuries and potential fatalities.

Does a wagging tail always mean the dog is friendly? Absolutely not! Some dogs may wag their tails when they are in a state of heightened arousal. A dog in this state may show other body language signs such as a stiff legged stance, ears back, a stiff mouth and hair standing up on their back. This dog, even with his tail wagging, is telling you not to get too close because he is actually uncomfortable. Approaching a dog in this state could lead to injury or attack. Ask us about learning to read canine and feline body language.

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